Equipment List

At Giuliante Machine Tool (GMT), we pride ourselves on maintaining the industry’s best and most efficient equipment. Click each heading below to see detailed lists of the various types of equipment we have and use.

Gear Finishing

  • Niles ZE400S CNC Internal/ External Gear Profile Grinding Machine

  • Niles ZE400S CNC External Profile Gear Grinding Machine

  • Fassler K-300 Gear Honing Machine

Gear Cutting

  • Mitsubishi/ Nidec ST40A CNC Gear Shaper

  • Mitsubishi ST40 CNC Gear Shaper

  • Mitsubishi GE 15 CNC equipped with Robotic Autoloader

  • Mitsubishi GD 20 CNC Hobber

  • Mitsubishi GB 15 CNC Hobber

  • Gearspect OHA 50 5 Axis CNC Gear Shaper

  • Tos OHA 50B CNC Gear Shaper

  • Fellows#10-4 High Speed Gear Shaper w/ Center Support

  • Tos OHA 12A Gear Shaper w/ Center Support

  • Tos OHA 12A Gear Shaper w/ Rack and Segment Attachments

  • Tos OFA 32R Gear Hobber

  • Meco 70 CNC Keyseater

  • Fellows #7A High Speed Gear Shaper with Face Gear Attachment

  • Barber Coleman 6-10 Hobber

Multi Tasking Equipment

  • Mazak Integrex i200-ST with Gantry Loader

  • Nakamura-Tome Super NTMX

  • Mazak SQT 18MS w/ Live Tooling

  • Nakamura-Tome AS200 LMYS w/ Robot Load/ Unload

  • Nakamura-Tome AS200 LMYS

Turning Equipment

  • Mazak QT 350

  • Mazak Nexxus Quick Turn 200

  • Mazak QT 250

  • Mazak Smart Turn 200

  • Mazak QT 35

  • Daewoo Puma 12 S

  • Hardinge HL-V High Precision Toolroom Lathe

  • (2) Graziano SAG Engine Lathe

Honing/Grinding Equipment

  • Kellenberger Kel-Vista UR CNC Universal OD/ID Cylindrical Grinder

  • Jones & Shipman Ultramat CNC Universal OD/ID Grinders

  • Chevalier FSG-1224ADIII Surface Grinder

  • Technica ZSM 5100 Center Hole Grinder

  • Nagel Eco Hone 40-2 Twin Spindle Vertical Honing Machine

  • Sunnen Honing Machine MBB-160

  • Karstens Stuttgart 15A Cylindrical Grinder

  • Lapmaster Model 20 Lapping Machine

  • Schutte Universal Tool Grinder

  • Cincinnati Monoset Tool Grinder


  • Fanuc RoboDrill αD21MiB5 5 Axis Vertical Milling Centers with Robot Load/Unload Cells

  • Fanuc RoboDrill αD21MiA5 4 Axis Vertical Milling Center with Robot Load/ Unload Cell

  • Fanuc RoboDrill αD21MiB5 3 Axis Vertical Milling Center

  • Mazak VCN 570 w/ 4th Axis Capability

  • Mazak V550 Vertical Milling Center w/ 4th Axis Capability

  • Mazak Nexxus VCN 510 w/ 4th Axis Capability

  • Mazak Nexxus VCN 510 Vertical Milling Machine

  • Mazak FJV-20 Vertical Milling Machine

  • Mazak VTC 20B Vertical Milling Machine w/ 4th Axis Capability

  • Kitamura Mycenter 1 Vertical Milling Machine w/ 4th Axis Capability

  • Kitamura Mycenter 3 Vertical Milling Machine w/ 4th Axis Capability

  • (2) Bridgeport Series I Milling Machines with Digital Readouts and Angle Milling Attachments

  • (2) Gorton Mastermill Vertical Milling Machine with Digital Readout


  • Fanuc α-C600iB Wire EDM

  • Fanuc α-C400iB Wire EDM

  • Agie Charmilles SP1 RAM EDM

  • Ocean 600 EDM Hole Drill


  • Pentagear Repowered 3515 Gear Analyzer

  • Pentagear Repowered 3515 Gear Analyzer with Extended 1 Meter Length Tailstock

  • GearSpect DO-3 PC CNC Analytical Gear Analyzer

  • GearSpect DO-1 PC CNC Double Flank Gear Tester

  • GearSpect DO-0 PC CNC Double Flank Gear Tester

  • Gleason Bevel Gear Tester

  • Hommel Werke Double Flank Gear Tester

  • Parkson Double Flank Gear Tester

  • Fowler Sylvac-Scan S145

  • Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S7106 CMM

  • Starrett AV 350 Vertical Vision System

  • Brown and Sharpe Gage 2000 CMM

  • Brown and Sharpe Micro-Val CMM with Heidenhain ND1400

  • J&L Optical Comparator w/ Quadra Check 200

  • Various Calibrated Micrometers, Sunnen Bore Gages, Height Gages, & Surface Plates

  • Mitutoyo LH-600E Height Gage

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Crest Ultrasonics Solvac Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser

  • Marvel 10/3 Automatic Bandsaw

  • Trinco 36X36 Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet

  • Clemco BNP 65 Suction Blast Cabinet

  • Kalamazoo Band Saw

  • 8 ton C Frame Hydraulic Press

  • 50 Ton H Frame Hydraulic Press

  • 10 Ton H Frame Hydraulic Press

  • Dumont #3 Arbor Press

  • (2) 2 Ton Arbor Press

  • GearSpect GT500 Gear Deburring System

  • (2) Redin Gear Deburring Machines

Computer Support

  • Virtual Gibbs MTM CAD/CAM Software

  • Exact JobBoss ERP Software

  • SolidWorks CAD Modeling Software

  • Unipoint Quality Management Software

  • Ashlar Graphite Cad Software

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