Precision Turning Services

At Giuliante Machine Tool, Inc.(GMT), using the latest technology to provide precision turning services and deliver cost-effective solutions of high quality industrial components is a way of life.

A Precision Gear is only as good as the blank in which it is cut. This philosophy is infused in our Lathe Department. With the ability and expertise to hold tight tolerances ( .0005″ or better) without grinding, our lathe department is able to handle many difficult part configurations most shops would not entertain.

GMT is one of the few Gear Shops that finish machines our blanks in house. This allows us to ensure quality product to our customers. We frequently machine many materials as hard as 60 Rc, and commonly produce finishes of RMS 16 or better; GMT has positioned itself as a self sustaining precision firm without a dependency on sub-contractors. We are confident we can meet all your turning needs through working with a variety of machining processing tools and materials to bring about a perfect result each time.

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