Gear Grinding

At GMT, grinding both Internal and External Gears is one of our specialties. The modern equipment we utilize such as our NILES ZE 400S is second to none and capable of producing AGMA class 14 gears. Through the use of dressable wheel technology and diamond CBN wheels, we’re able to offer higher production quantities for our customers while maintaining affordability.

Profile girnding allows individual left and right flank lead and profile modifications. The use of on-board scanning probe measurment allows for accurate corrections to streamline the production process. We’re also capable of grinding Spur, Helical, Crowned, Cluster, Internal Gears, Splined Shafts, Pistons, High Speed Pinions, and Bull Gears.

As a part of our process to ensure optimal satisfaction, we also have dedicated off-line climate controlled CNC gear inspection equipment to verify gear quality.

We also offer gear grinding only services to our customers as well as complete part-to-print manufacturing.

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