Gear Cutting

GMT has been cutting precision gears and splines for the aerospace industry since 1983. We possess high quality and the most advanced CNC hobbing technology capable of cutting up to 13 inch gears to AGMA 12 tolerances without the expense of Gear Grinding. We are capable of cutting precision External Gears, Splines, Sprockets, Timing Pulleys, Rack Gears, Timed Gears, Three Stage Planetary Gears, Segment Gears, and more.

We also possess High Volume Gear Hobbing featuring Robot Loading. This technology has allowed GMT gain market share in an area which was traditionally high cost.

Our Gear Shaping capabilities range from one-piece prototypes to medium volume production. We are equipped to shape gears up to 20″ PD and upto 5.0″ face lengths. We have the ability to Shape Internal and External Gears to AGMA Class 10 Tolerances or better.


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